Review: Fighting for What’s His by Laura Kaye

Let me start this review by saying, Laura Kaye writes consistently excellent novels. She is an author I feel comfortable recommending to almost anyone, romance readers and non-romance readers alike. Her characters are relatable and fun while still dealing with real-life issues like mental health problems.

In Fighting for What’s His, young and fun-loving Shayna Curtis moves to DC for a new job as a photojournalist. I loved the setting! I also live in DC, so I immediately felt a kinship with Shayna. One of the major plot points for Shayna is the expense and craziness of trying to find housing in the DC area. While this might seem a little silly, if you’ve ever tried to find an apartment in this area, you will totally understand. Some parts of her apartment hunting nightmares had me snort laughing, mostly because I’ve been there too!

To circumvent some of the craziness of moving to a new city, Shayna’s old brother asked his ex-Army Ranger buddy to let her crash with him for a while. There are instant sparks between Billy and Shayna. Billy still has PTSD and survivors guilt from his time as a Ranger but manages to fight them out with his veteran buddies in Warrior Fight club.

Shayna and Billy circle each other for much of this book. There is a ton of sexual tension and explosive chemistry between them which is good because this story is a major slow burn. I do wish they had a few more deep conversations as a couple. I appreciated that they respected and understood each other, but I just wasn’t sure how when they didn’t talk about important issues. Half the book I felt like they were avoiding each other.

The ending of this book was rushed and tied up a little too neatly considering what deep emotional scars both Shayna and Billy had. There was an odd emphasis on seemingly random parts of this novel. Shayna’s apartment hunting by herself/with her coworker, Billy’s sudden fight; for big chunks of the book, Shayna and Billy were not even in the same room.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite Laura Kaye novel. I enjoyed the brother’s best friend storyline, and I do like the direction she is taking the series, but I wanted more face time between the hero and the heroine and a more satisfying ending.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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