Review: The Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting

The Good Luck Charm is the first romance novel I’ve recently read that felt more like a young/new adult novel when the characters were in their late twenties. That might not be a problem for many people. Like many second chance romance novels, the hero, NHL player Ethan, and the heroine, professional nurse and aspiring nurse practitioner Lilah, were high school sweethearts. As much as their nostalgia was adorable, it was also grating at a certain point. I feel like they spent most of their time focusing on the connection they built as teenagers because they still acted like high schoolers.

Pros: I was able to actually get into the story at about the halfway point. I really enjoyed the secondary characters, and I hope Carmen’s book is in the works. The focus on real-life relationship issues was both interesting and important. I wish more romance novels focused on the hard work that goes into maintaining a relationship, even if the two people are soul mates.

Lilah was actually a pretty realistic heroine. I think many people can relate to getting too wrapped up in their romantic partner and neglecting other parts of their life. She should have been stronger about her boundaries with Ethan after they got back together, but she shouldn’t have had to.

Cons: Ethan’s neediness drove me insane! The number of times Ethan batted his eyelashes, bit his lip, or begged was so irritating. By consistently ignoring what Lilah needed, because he was concerned with his own career, put her in the “bad guy” role when she finally stood up for herself. He got better, but for a while, I wanted to roll my eyes any time he texted or called Lilah.

Overall, this was a decent second chance romance with lots (and lots) of sexy times and a fun cast of supporting characters. I hope Helena revisits this world soon!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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