Review: SEAL’s Honor by Megan Crane

2.5 Stars

SEAL’s Honor follows Everly, a woman who witnessed the murder of her roommate, and Blue, the special ops, ex-SEAL Everly knew as a child. Blue is a member of Alaska Force, a crew made up of hardcore ex-military guys. Everly drives to Alaska implore Blue to help her solve the murder of her roommate because the police think she’s crazy.

This was my first book by Megan Crane, and I honestly had a tough time finishing. I love romantic suspense novels, but this book just couldn’t keep my attention. It was difficult to connect with the hero (mostly because I didn’t like him) and there was a lot of internal monologue from his point of view, so sometimes I stopped reading just to escape his head.

The Pros: Everly. That girl was awesome. She was eternally optimistic and yet still managed to have enough grit to get through the harrowing events of this book. I loved that she took the crazy events happening in her life and used them to change her life for the better. She also knew when to rock a cute flat, which I always appreciate. I wish she had better taste in men.

Alaska Force’s crew seems like it’s going to be a fun one to follow. I thought the secondary characters seemed quirky and exciting and I am hoping we learn more about the Alaska compound. I think the action scenes we fun and I was intrigued by the mystery plot.

The Cons: I don’t mind if a leading couple in a romance novel doesn’t go 50/50 with their effort in the relationship. Couples aren’t always going to be equal all the time, and I totally get that. But honestly, in Blue and Everly’s “relationship” (and I use that word lightly because they were absolutely not in a relationship for almost every page of this book) Everly gave 99% and Blue gave 1%. His self-pity and weird reasons for not giving in to his attraction to Everly were crazy. He was cold to her the entire book and freaking Everly just “knew” what he meant from his weird glares and non-existent communication skills. Plus, he was mean to his mom, and that’s a hard no-go for me. He also sulked over adolescent problems. I kept thinking, “Dude, you’re in your late 30s, it’s time to move on.”

Overall, I can see what Megan Crane was going for, but the execution just fell flat. Hopefully, this was just a book suffering under the weight kicking off a series. I would give Megan Crane another try and hope that with a better hero, her writing and plots will shine.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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SEAL’S Honor Releases November 6, 2018!


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