Review: Their Perfect Melody by Priscilla Oliveras

Four Stars

Is there a real Diego Reyes in this world and can I please have him?? Their Perfect Melody was my first book by Priscilla Oliveras but the third book in her Matched to Perfection series. This book was sweet, full of family, and peppered with fun Puerto Rican culture.

Their Perfect Melody follows two inherent do-gooders in Lilí and Diego, the heroine and hero of our story. Lilí’s motivation as a social worker comes from a passion for victims that originates from personal experience. Diego’s as a police officer stems from a deep protectiveness for anyone he cares about, especially his deceased mother and troubled sister. Together their shared ideals were apparent as well as the many complexities that arise from their different approaches to the same goal.

My favorite part of this book was the expertly expressed sibling dynamics. Both Lilí and Diego had deep and complicated relationships with their families, which made them deeply relatable characters. The relationships between the characters and the easy way Priscilla invites you into the Latin culture, made this book stand above.

While I think the emphasis on social justice and family was fun and exciting, I do wish there had been more of an emphasis on Lilí and Diego’s relationship. They had good chemistry, but it often took a backseat to the other conflicts that arose within the story. The book took place over a short period of time, and I just wanted a little bit more between the two characters, most likely because I enjoyed them so much separately. There were also a few plot points that I felt were left dangling, mostly Lilí’s previous relationship with a police officer.

Overall, this was a sweet romance with intense moments taking place in the world the characters live. As a warning, there are scenes of domestic violence and abuse, but I think Priscilla approaches them with respect and tact. Their Perfect Melody was my first book from Priscilla, but it absolutely won’t be my last!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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