Review: The Best of Us by Robyn Carr

Three Stars

A Robyn Carr novel always makes me want to quit my real life and move to a quaint small town, preferably with a sexy single dad included. THE BEST OF US follows three couples as they navigate small-town life, growing relationships, and changing life circumstances.

The three couples represented three different generations. Our main twosome, Leigh and Rob, are 34 and 40 respectively, Maia and Finn are high schoolers, and Helen and Sully are seniors (not in high school). Ms. Carr’s veteran author status is evident as she shows relationship growth and the multitude of problems couples have, no matter their age.

I was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on romance in this novel! The sexy moments don’t scorch the pages or anything, but intimacy was a conversation and plot point for each couple, making the whole plot more relatable.

The Cons: I feel that Maia and Finn’s relationship is neglected. Not only is their plot left dangling a bit, but Maia is also like a shadow character. She’s perfectly sweet, pretty, and kind, she had no dimension and besides a significant plot point, didn’t really play a role in the story. Jimmy, Leigh’s ex was a superfluous addition to the book, his pages could have been removed entirely.

I also wanted to slap Rob and Leigh upside the head more than once. For mature adults with successful careers, I found them both to be incredibly selfish and unlikable at times. I think that was supposed to make them more human, but both their actions were more annoying than anything I usually relate too.

Overall, this is a fast and easy read. Robyn Carr invests you in her characters and settings from page one. I don’t think this is Ms. Carr’s best work, but it’s a solid read.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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THE BEST OF US releases January 8, 2019



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