Review: A Soldier’s Return by RaeAnne Thayne

Three Stars

For such a short book, this novel was a slow, slow burn! I absolutely love the premise of this book. Eli, an Army doctor, comes back to his seaside hometown after a devastating tragedy in his life to take care of his father. Melissa, a nurse, has been a single mom for years and finally moved back to the same town where both she and Eli grew up.

I wanted to love this book, it has all the elements I usually enjoy. I loved Melissa and Eli separately as characters. Their backstories are fleshed out, they’re self-aware mature adults, and I was rooting for both of them… individually. As a couple, well, there was no spark.

I have no problem with instalove or an unrealistic plot, but Eli and Melissa were barely together and they hardly talked throughout the book. They thought about each other a lot. There was a ton of introspection on their individual lives, but I just didn’t believe they had fallen deeply in love by the end of the book.

Overall, Raeanne Thayne is a beautiful writer and creates lovely worlds. This book was a fun escape for a few hours, it was just deeply lacking in actual romance.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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A SOLDIER’S RETURN releases January 15, 2019


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