Review: Texas Legacy by Lorraine Heath

4.5 Stars

What a gift to fans of this series! TEXAS LEGACY is the long-awaited concluding novella to Lorraine Heath’s Texas Trilogy. The first book in the series, TEXAS DESTINY was initially published in 1997 (!?!?), but Ms. Heath slid readers back into her Texas world as you would slip into an old, worn-in pair of cowboy boots. This long novella follows Cordelia and Dallas’ daughter Faith and the boy, now a man, Rawley, who they took in years before.

If you’re worried that this novella won’t stand alone, rest assured, it had been so long since I had read the Texas Trilogy this was basically a standalone for me. Ms. Heath crafts a gorgeous second chance love story with depth and heart. I especially loved the glimpses into the time period and the rapidly changing United States.

The relationship between Faith and Rawley made my heart ache in both good and bad ways. They both had long journeys and a lot of healing to do before they found each other again. I truly felt their connection as well as their deep understanding and respect for each other. It was always apparent that they had a true partnership.

The only part that was slow was the beginning. I was worried that Rawley was going to be another nice guy with no dimension. Of course, Ms. Heath proved me wrong, and I ended up adoring this novel. The best part? I saw the beginnings of a new series (fingers crossed) in one of the secondary characters!

Overall, I highly recommend reading anything by Lorraine Heath but especially her Texas Trilogy. It’s something special and I think I’m ready for a reread!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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TEXAS LEGACY releases January 15!




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