Review: Playing for Keeps by Jill Shalvis

4.5 Stars

I can always count on Jill Shalvis to make me smile while reading a book with heart, humor, and most of all, romance. PLAYING FOR KEEPS follows Sadie Lane, a struggling tattoo artist, and Caleb Parker, an Elon Musk-like tech mogul, on their journey from frenemies to love.

To start off, dog lovers will really enjoy this book. Sadie and Caleb are brought together through their love for an adorable rescue names Lollipop. I adored the way they saw new sides of each other through the care of an animal.

Sadie is a difficult heroine. She is prickly, she has secrets and walls for days, and she has learned the hard way that trusting people is a mistake. I think only Jill Shalvis could have made me not only enjoy Sadie and her constant back and forth (something that usually drives me insane in a character) but identify with her struggles. Caleb is amazing. Sadie teases him for being perfect, and he’s not, but he is perfect for her. I love the way he sees through her defenses to the caring and quirky woman beneath.

I flew through this book because I was utterly engrossed in Sadie, Caleb, and Lollipop. The only disappointing part was the ending felt rushed and I thought Sadie and Caleb still had a few things to iron out before “The End.”

Overall, this book was an absolute delight. I laughed, I smiled, I sighed, and I went online to peruse dogs up for adoption.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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