Review: Vengeance ​Road by Christine Feehan

Four Stars

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: Torpedo Ink is the series Christine Feehan was always meant to write and I am SO here for it. I loved this book. I don’t want to say too much about the plot because I would have been OFFENDED if anyone had ruined the surprise at the beginning of the book. Basically, this is a second chance romance between Breezy, a woman born into a violent motorcycle club, and Steele, a man with a traumatic past who broke Breezy’s heart.

There are many taboo elements to this book that took me by surprise but not in a bad way. I love that Christine has written almost 100 books, but she still manages to catch me by surprise. Her writing has really developed in the last few years, and I love that she feels comfortable enough to take chances. I didn’t think she could get grittier than her Leopard Series, but this series takes the cake. 

What I enjoyed most: I adored Breezy. She could come across as a doormat at times but only because she is so scarred from her traumatic childhood. I can’t imagine anyone living through what she did and coming through it (mostly) healthy and whole. She was protective of the people she loved and so brave at times both emotionally, and by putting herself in actual danger, it brought tears to my eyes.

I liked Steele, he wasn’t my favorite CF hero ever, but he was protective, fierce, and he loved Breezy for precisely who she was. I enjoy that each MC member has a small touch of psychic abilities. It seemed like CF was trying to keep this series contemporary but couldn’t quite manage it.

The only part that knocked this book down one star was the jumbled ending. It seemed like CF wanted to let us learn a little bit more about the other MC members, which I appreciated but the last part just didn’t fit with the rest of the story. It didn’t take away from my love of Breezy and Steele in the least, but it did pull me out of the story a small amount.

Overall, Christine Feehan is one of the best romance authors out there. She writes consistently great characters. Her imagination simply astounds me. I am officially a huge fan of this series, and I can’t wait for the next book! I am guessing it’s Savage’s story (fingers crossed)!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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Read an Excerpt of VENGEANCE ROAD!

Breezy Simmons leaned against her pickup for a moment, staring at the large building that housed the Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club. Her heart beat so hard in her chest she was afraid she might vomit. The world spun uncontrollably, and she quickly leaned down, putting her head between her legs, drawing in great gulps of air. She caught a glimpse of two men on the other side of the compound as her head went toward the asphalt, and she didn’t recognize either of them. That made her pounding heart sink.

She couldn’t possibly have the wrong club. This had to be them. She was running out of time and options. She slowly righted herself and took another cautious look around. The two men stared at her from across the parking lot. She was careful not to look at them too long. She didn’t want them coming anywhere near her. She needed to get in and out very fast.

The Torpedo Ink compound was extremely large and had a high chain-link fence surrounding it. There was even razor wire up on top of the fence, making the place look like a fortress. The rolling gates were wide open, and she’d driven her truck right inside, parking as close to the clubhouse as possible. She deliberately left the door to her beat-up pickup open and the engine running. Hopefully, no one recognized her, and she could get in and out of the building quickly, once she asserted these were the right people, the ones she was looking for.

In the early morning hours, the club was just beginning to stir. Clearly, they’d partied hard over the weekend. In the enormous side yard, the one with the beautiful ocean view, she could see embers in fire pits glowing as the breeze stirred them up. A man with his back to her watered them down with a hose. He wore a tight tee and jeans, but no colors. Still, she knew this was the home of the club that called itself Torpedo Ink. She sent up a silent prayer that this was the one she’d been looking for.

There were empty bottles strewn around the grass and on the ground to the side of the building in the wide expanse of open field. Cars, motorcycles and trucks were scattered around the parking lot, although no one parked where the club did. Their motorcycles were lined up neatly and a prospect watched over them. He sat on the curb looking at her. She was parked too close to the precious bikes, but she didn’t care—other than it had drawn the attention of the prospect.

Another long line of motorcycles was parked a short distance down from the clubhouse and a prospect watched over those bikes as well. He looked at her without much interest, which indicated to her that these bikes belonged to a visiting club. He wasn’t as interested in protecting the grounds as the one closest to the clubhouse.

She had to get this over with. Just being in such close proximity to an MC made her sick. The fact that she knew what went on at the party made her even sicker. That this might be his club, and she had to risk running into him, made all that far worse.

Breezy squared her shoulders, dragged the envelope off the seat and turned all in one motion. The prospect was on his feet. If she knew for certain this was the right club, she would have thrust the letter into his hands and left, but she was guessing from a process of elimination.

She purposely hadn’t kept track of him, especially when she’d heard, a year after she’d left, that eighteen members of the Swords had set up the international president for assassination and had, allegedly, wiped out a number of members and then disappeared. She knew who those eighteen members were immediately and knowing them, she knew it was possible when others said it wasn’t. She’d run as far from the life as she could and now she was pulled right back in.

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