Review: The Trouble with Vampires by Lynsay Sans

Four Stars

I was a little nervous to re-start this much-loved series 29 (!?!?) books in. Paranormal romances tend to build over time and I was worried jumping in blind would leave me lost the whole book. I’ve read a few books in this series, but it’s been YEARS, and I remembered exactly nothing about them. After reading this book, I can confidently say you can hop in on this book and not be lost in the least. In my mind, a book is stronger if you can read it as a standalone.

THE TROUBLE WITH VAMPIRES is one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read in 2019 so far. I couldn’t put it down. Pet the strong and independent thirty-something, and the slightly monosyllabic, immortal, Santo were so flipping cute together. Pet was so mature and level-headed which allowed me to relax as a reader because I knew she wasn’t going to do anything immature or out of character. She had no problem telling Santo when she was upset or angry and took all the new craziness in her life in stride. I really appreciated her. Santo was a big hunk of love. He was all in with Pet from the first, and I loved watching him find out more about her and fall even deeper.

I have found with some of Ms. Sans historical romances, the humor can get slapstick and ridiculous. I was worried it would be even worse in a paranormal story. Luckily, the humor in this story was perfectly placed and paced. I was surprised at how many times I ended up laughing out loud.

The book did get a little weighed down with insignificant details towards the middle. The details helped to create a rich world but didn’t really move the plot forward. I also didn’t like that things felt a little unfinished at the end. There were a few dangling plotlines I felt needed a conclusion.

Overall, this book was wonderful. I can’t wait to go back and read the rest of the series. All I want to do is binge Argeneau books now, and I’m not mad about it! Good thing I have 28 previous books to pick up!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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