Review: Deadly Obsession by April Hunt

3.5 Stars

Romantic suspense is one of my recent favorite subgenres. Since it’s a newer fave, I am always on the hunt for new-to-me authors and series to fall in love with. DEADLY OBSESSION fit the bill, the first book in a new series about two families starting an elite private security firm. This story follows CSI agent Zoey and former Army Ranger Knox Steele, her childhood crush. Bonus, the book is set in Washington, D.C., where I live, so I enjoyed a little taste of home while reading.

The pros: I really enjoyed the banter and seemingly effortless world building in this book. The romance was definitely front and center, and the yearning between the main characters was giving me life. Zoey and Knox have a lot of family and friends who seem like they’ll all get their own books (fingers crossed) but the introduction of each character was easy to follow along with and the characterization was strong for each of them.

I also loved the addition of Zoey’s congenital heart defect. From the author’s note, I could tell that Ms. Hunt was exceptionally well educated on the subject. She pulled off the difficult task of making a serious medical issue an interesting part of the plot and Zoey’s character without weighing down the story.

The cons: While I thought the suspense plot was well done, I was a little disappointed in the early heavy-handed hints about who the killer was. I enjoyed the book a lot more when I was still guessing. I also thought the crime scene protocol/Knox’s ability to just jump into a police investigation was a little ridiculous. I tried to suspend my disbelief because it is fiction, but there were a few times I rolled my eyes.

Overall, this was a solid start to what will hopefully be a fun new series. I really like Ms. Hunt’s voice as an author and I think it will only get better from here! You know I am hoping the broody brother gets a book next.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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