Review: Unbroken by Jay Crownover

Four Stars

I think part of the reason I ended up liking this novella, is because I really didn’t enjoy the first 10%. I had no interest in a hero who has ruined his life through addiction and self-pity. Plus the opening scene in this book is super graphic. Those things combined with Ms. Crownover being a new-to-me author made me put the book aside for a few days. Surprisingly, when I picked the book back up, the fun characters and intense emotions in this story won me over. I am really glad I came back to it because I think I’m hooked on this new series!

As I mentioned, Crew is a washed-up rodeo star with a gambling problem and finds himself in a ton of debt. Della is a picture perfect, buttoned-up, businesswoman, leading her father’s beauty ad campaigns. Her father hires Crew to be the face of their new men’s skincare line.

This book had all the fun opposites attract moments. Della and Crew weren’t truly adversarial, they just came from entirely different worlds. Della surprised me because I thought she would be icy, but she was really just reserved and cautious. I liked her a lot. And although this is a novella, Ms. Crownover didn’t cut any words on the love scenes. They were really romantic and hot.

I really like how the action was wrapped up and I am completely intrigued by the Lawton siblings. I can’t wait to read Case’s book! He sounds super sexy.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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