Review: Alpha’s Promise by Rebecca Zanetti

Four Stars

The Dark Protector series just keeps getting better and better! In the latest installment, the crazy, tortured, vampire-demon, Viking, Ivar finally gets his well deserved happily ever after with the delightfully cerebral Dr. Promise Williams. As always, I was engrossed by Ms. Zanetti’s ability to weave an intricate world of vampires, demons, hybrids and more! The Dark Protector series becomes more elaborate with complex worldbuilding and multilayered plots, but the humor, heart, and steam in each book stay the same. That is why she is one of my favorite authors.

Ivar and Promise were difficult characters. Ivar slowly changed throughout the book because he was still healing from the hell dimension. Promise was so smart and detached, especially at the beginning, she gave ice queen vibes, Ms. Zanetti, of course, showed her true heart by the end of the book, but it took a while for me to really invest in her character. While I didn’t relate to them personally, I did empathize with them. Both were a little detached from the “real” world, which made their romance that much more believable. Two outsiders finding each other. In many ways, their completely unique characteristics made their story richer; I loved them despite not relating to them.

The only thing that took me out of the book just a little bit was the science! Don’t get me wrong, I love that Rebecca Zanetti has strong, intelligent heroines in STEM, but I’m not a science person, and I had a hard time not skimming the math and science parts.

While this is probably not the book I would recommend new-to-the-series folks to jump in on, it was a great stepping stone to the next few books. I am basically rubbing my hands together in anticipation of Adare’s story and a few other characters that I won’t mention because ~spoilers~.

Overall, this was a fast-paced, fun, and sexy paranormal romance. Ms. Zanetti never disappoints, and fans of this series will go crazy over the revelations in this book.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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