Review: The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Four Stars

Dang it, Alisha Rai! She gets me every time. THE RIGHT SWIPE hit all the right notes; starting with one of my new favorite heroes, and ending with a beautifully complex, yet fast-paced romance novel. The story follows Rhiannon, a guarded dating app CEO and kick-butt girl boss, and Samson, my new book boyfriend, errr, I mean, former NFL star, rival dating app spokesperson, and Rhi’s one time, one-night stand.

I knew from meeting Rhi in Ms. Rai’s previous series that she would be a tough cookie, and she was. She is a dominant personality and needed someone patient and understanding enough to keep coming back. She found that in my new dream man, Samson. He really made the book for me. He was in no way a doormat, but he was a gentle and self-aware beta hero dealing with his own life problems.

What I unexpectedly enjoyed most was Ms. Rai’s ability to craft two individual story arcs, one for Samson and Rhi, and intertwine them just enough to make me keep turning the pages. Both Samson and Rhi had to grow separately to be truly prepared for a long-term romantic relationship by the end of the book. The story was set in a rich and vibrant world but wasn’t bogged down by the details and smaller storylines within the larger arc.

While I loved the individual story timelines, I wish Samson and Rhi had a little more “together” page time at the end and most pivotal scenes in the book. The last 20% of the book felt a little too much like Rhiannon’s story, and not Samson and Rhiannon’s romance. Samson was also SO kind and giving to Rhi throughout the course of the book, I would have liked to have seen a little more reciprocal kindness from Rhi, even if it was her own particular brand of kindness. I think the story would have really benefited from an epilogue. It would have given me just a bit more closure at the end.

Overall, this was a fantastic start to a new series. Ms. Rai weaved current events and a modern flair into a complicated romance path between two people damaged by past hurts. Also, where can I find a Samson… no, really??

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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