Review: Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Five Stars

I’m not sure why I was nervous about Selenka’s book, but I was. All of Nalini’s Alpha stories are special in their own way, but each of the Alpha shifter books have been extraordinary. So, my expectations for the first book in the series about a female Alpha wolf were super high. Of course, my worries were for nothing because Nalini Singh, the author of most of my very favorite books and series, delivered, like she does every, dang, time.

Of course, there will be no spoilers in this review, but things have been brewing in the new Trinity series arc, and this book ramps things up. ALPHA NIGHT explores mating at first sight and all the consequences that come with it, especially for an Arrow and an Alpha of a powerful pack. Selenka and Ethan Night have a fascinating power dynamic; she’s more dominant and older and, in many ways, more experienced. Their relationship is nuanced, interesting, and they are perfectly paired. Ethan needed a heroine like Selenka, and he knows it from the beginning. I love a devoted hero.

The book takes place over a short period of time and so every page is action-packed. I was hooked from page one and I don’t think my adrenaline spike settled until I turned the last page. And even then, my mind was spinning trying to figure out who the next couple will be and where Nalini will take readers next.

The biggest gift to readers is the exploration of the BlackEdge pack. I love that Nalini introduces us to such interesting secondary characters, but I am considering chaining her to a desk until she gives me a book for each and every one of them. SORRY, NALINI! I’m not sure how she does it, but even though everything in the pack is new to readers, she manages to tie in old favorites. I was reminded of how much I love Aden, and Valentin is always good for comedic relief.

Overall, I could probably write a dissertation on ALPHA NIGHT, but I will stop here. I loved it. This is my favorite series. I never want it to end. Please let me know who the next couple is soon or I’ll expire with longing! I think it’s time to reread the entire series for the millionth time?

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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