Review: The Somerset Girls by Lori Foster

Four Stars

Lori Foster is officially my favorite summertime author. I mean, she’s good during all seasons, but I’ve been reading her summer release the last three years, and she has knocked it out of the park each and every time! In THE SOMERSET GIRLS, she explores the tight bond of sisterhood, unexpected love, and small-town dynamics. If you could compress an entire summer mood into one book, this would be it. Two sisters finding love, healing from past hurts, and saving animals in the process? Yes. Please.

I felt a kinship with Autumn. She was kind, reliable, and loyal. Is there anything better than the quiet, self-conscious girl hooking her high school crush once they’re both grown up? Her hottie single dad hero was her perfect match!

I didn’t expect to connect with Ember, Autumn’s brash and outgoing sister, but Ms. Foster gave her so many layers and so much depth, I couldn’t help but to root for her just as much as Autumn. Her romance was fun and sexy, even though I wanted to slap her hero upside the head a few times.

A little more depth with Ember’s love interest would have made a big difference. His characterization was a little choppy and frequently eye-roll worthy. His secret background was out of place and not explored nearly enough. I think it’s an ensemble romance problem; one character usually suffers!

Overall, this was a delightful romance. I bought it for my grandmother too, and it’s been her favorite book all summer! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a slice of summer in book form.

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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