Review: Her Motherhood Wish by Tara Taylor Quinn

One Star

HER MOTHERHOOD WISH was my first Harlequin Special Edition, and I can’t say I will be reading another one. I loved the premise of this book; it’s what made me want to pick it up in the first place! The heroine needs to contact the hero sperm donor because her baby has potential health complications. Yes, emotional ties that bind! Yes, strangers thrown together! Yes, two adults learning how to merge their lives!

I will not spend much time on this review because the book isn’t that long, and I don’t want to think about the story any longer than I have to. Basically, this book made me sad! What the heck! The characters were SO depressing. Plus, the modern day “I married my dead brother’s wife to protect (?) her” situation the hero is in gave me major weird vibes. That whole odd couple plot took up most of the book, and I felt like it prevented the hero and heroine from spending any real time together, which is fine because I didn’t get the idea that they actually liked each other most of the time. Seriously, I don’t think they even got beyond a mild interest in each other.

Oh man, I am getting into rant mode. Overall, I couldn’t connect to the writing, every character was a sad-sack in their own way, and I actively thought the heroine could do better than the morose, self-pitying, martyr hero. It felt like the romance came last after a bunch of other weird side plots. Thank you next!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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