Review: Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley

Four Stars

This series is classic Kristen Ashley: commandos, wacky heroines, over the top drama, and Colorado landmarks. I love it! DREAM CHASER was a fun addition to the series. Lots of your favorite characters make cameo appearances, but Ryn and Boone (the most KA names EVER) were definitely at the book’s center.

Ryn is a stripper (as are all the heroines in this series) and has been fighting her friend’s attempts to hook her up with Boone, a black ops commando-type hero. I can’t blame the woman, her life is crazy! Messy family, a huge house to flip, and money problems due to said chaotic family, she doesn’t have the time. Add to that, Ryn and Boone had a rocky start in the previous book. Boone has his own demons but eventually gets on his metaphorical horse and goes after Ryn.

There is something I love about a damsel in distress and this series really feeds that part of me. I like that Ryn still rolls up her sleeves and fixes her life, but Boone is there to point out that she has a community around her willing to help, and he wants to be a significant part of that community as her man. Ryn and Boone had incendiary chemistry and the fun-yet-emotional banter KA is known for.

As an added layer, Boone is a Dom and, Ryn is a Sub, but that isn’t too much of the plot; it’s just one more part of their personalities and lifestyles that ends up working so well. I like that both Ryn and Boone were experienced members of the BDSM community, and consent and boundaries were discussed. It’s a good book if you want to dip your toe into Dom/Sub romances!

The plot was a little too chaotic at times (and I don’t mean the Chaos MC). There were too many divergent plot points – it took away from the connection between Ryn and Boone. KA is throwing everything but the kitchen sink in this series, and most of it is fun, but sometimes it makes the book hard to read. It’s worth it for the nostalgia alone, though!

Overall, this was another great book in the Dream Team series. I read it in a single day; it’s addictive! Kristen Ashley is a fun and fabulous author, and I can’t wait for the next book!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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