Review: Claiming the Rancher’s Heir by Maisey Yates

Four Stars

Maisey Yates does enemies to lovers so, so well. It’s just a fact! This book was about rival vineyard owners, Wren and Creed. Wren’s family business has just gone through total upheaval after her father’s misdeeds came to light. To continue developing the company brand, Wren needs to partner with Creed’s family vineyard, which has a much more laid back vibe. Wren and Creed have never gotten along; the banter is CUTTING. Of course, under all the animosity is sizzling sexual chemistry, which explodes into a one night stand… and ends in pregnancy for Wren.

First, this book was HOT. Yates did not hold back with this one, and it was super fun to read. Serious steam, right off the bat! Secondly, I really enjoyed the family dynamics and Wren as a heroine. She was unapologetic about her desires and went after what she wanted. Her character development was fantastic. For a short book, Yates really manages to pack in the feels. I thought Creed was a little less developed as a character, I understood his angst around Wren’s pregnancy, but his solution seemed undercooked to say the least. He was closed off to Wren and the reader.

In an enemies to lovers book, I want the hate to burn bright and the love to burn bright. While I felt the heat, the love was more of a simmer. I didn’t really understand why Wren came to love Creed. Did it take away from my enjoyment of the book? Not really, I just wanted a little more of them falling!

Overall, this was a well done accidental pregnancy Harlequin Desire. Yates weaves emotions into each page and really invests the reader in her characters. This book is a quick and fun read that packs an emotional punch. I can’t wait to read the other sisters’ books!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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