Review: Murder at Sunrise Lake by Christine Feehan

4.5 Stars

Listen y’all, Christine Feehan has blown me AWAY. Okay, yes, I am a certified superfan, but MURDER AT SUNRISE LAKE is everything I didn’t know I needed in a thriller… from the queen of paranormal romance!

I love that Ms. Feehan took a chance and wrote a standalone thriller. I couldn’t put it down! This book is equal parts mystery, thriller, romance, and friend-filled contemporary fiction with a touch of the paranormal. If you’re a CF fan like me, you’ll recognize her signature style and humor laced throughout!.

Our heroine, Stella, is a woman with many secrets. She owns a popular resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains, has a great group of friends… and gets predictive nightmares when serial killers are near.

When the nightmares start, Stella knows there is a killer in her beloved mountains and she is determined to stop them. Sam, her beyond sexy handyman knows something is going on with her and steps up to help.

I, personally, love to read thrillers/romantic suspense novels in the summer. The days are longer so I don’t have to read scary moments in the dark. Now if you’re a scaredy-cat like me, this book is more suspenseful than totally creepy. If I can handle it, you can handle it!

If you’re wondering about the romance, it’s definitely at the forefront! Sam and Stella have fantastic chemistry and communication. I never thought I would read a Feehan fade-to-black romance, and to be honest, I missed some of the steam! A scene or two would have really enhanced this book and cemented Sam and Stella’s relationship in my mind.

Overall, if you’ve never read a Christine Feehan book, this is a great place to start! It’s a standalone, but it seems like Ms. Feehan has laid the groundwork for a series (I hope!!) I’m not ready to leave this world!

**I received a free copy of this audiobook in order to provide an honest review**

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