Review: Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall

Four Stars

I had a hard time rating this book, but Alexis Hall’s writing is so dang good, I just can’t give ROSALINE PALMER TAKE THE CAKE anything less than four stars. I am so, so happy I was warned that this book was more general/women’s fiction than romance. I set my expectations accordingly, and it helped me immerse myself in the story without undue frustration.

Rosaline Palmer is a single mother on her last leg – she’s also bisexual – just ask her precocious daughter (lol!!). She needs to prove herself to her parents and herself that she isn’t a complete screw-up by winning a Great British Bake-Off-type show. It’s a comedy of errors when she tries to make it to the first filming, and she ends up stranded with a handsome fellow contestant. And that’s just the beginning!

The dialogue and humor sparkle – there isn’t another word for it! It was delightful. I laughed so many times. The secondary characters, including Rosaline’s daughter, ex-girlfriend, and the other contestants on the show, were equal parts hilarious and endearing. Rosaline is a bit of a mess, but she is so human and relatable it was easy to root for her – even when she was messing up.

If you enjoy the Great British Bake-Off, you’re going to adore this book. The baking show scenes were absolute perfection. Wholesome and British, yet bitingly witty. I was as eager to find out who would get kicked off each week as Rosaline!

Why I ultimately knocked off a star – without spoiling anything, there is a love triangle element to this story that drove. Me. NUTS. I almost put the book down at one point because the romance aspects of this book were not my cup of tea. I was ultimately happy with the ending, but getting there was ROUGH. I also felt like the book was a little preachy with its social messages. I agreed with everything Hall said through his book; it was just too overt and heavy-handed at times.

Overall, if you enjoy Alexis Hall’s books and set your expectations for general fiction, you’re going to enjoy this book! The hero was too sweet and pure for this world; I could really use a sequel where we get more time with Rosaline and her man. I also listened to the audiobook, and the narration was ridiculously excellent. The narrator’s different accents were perfect for the story!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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