Review: Last Seen Alone by Laura Griffin

Three Stars

Romantic suspense is one of my favorite romance subgenres, so I added Laura Griffin to my must-read lists. I have enjoyed her books in the past, but this one sits solidly on my “it’s fine” list. LAST SEEN ALONE follows a lawyer heroine who fights for the victims of online abuse and a homicide detective hero. The hero gets called to a crime scene with no body, but the heroine’s card is there.

I loved the simmering sexual tension between the hero and the heroine. It added a fun layer to the tense plotline. I could feel the chemistry between them, even when they were butting heads. The mystery was well developed, and there were a few twists I didn’t see coming that kept me turning the pages quickly. I loved the secondary plotlines about online abuse and revenge porn, something women have to deal with all too often in this virtual age.

My biggest hang-up with this book was the heroine’s insistence on investigating and putting herself in danger. It was SO annoying every time she tried to pretend like she knew what she was doing investigating a freaking murder and got in trouble. She was too intelligent to dive into a dangerous situation head-first as she did continually. At times, she could have completely messed up the investigation. It was so irritating that it took away some of my enjoyment in the story. It almost made me put the romance in question because if I were the hero, I would have been completely done with her butting in.

Overall, this book was solid! I enjoyed the mystery and the romance for the most part, but it didn’t knock my socks off, and the heroine was an insufferable armchair detective.

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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