Read, Love, and Escape

I am not going to make this blog all about me, but since I will be discussing my personal opinions about romance novels, I’ll give you beautiful people some background. For as long as I can remember I have been a voracious reader. When I say voracious, I mean to the point that my reading becomes a problem for those around me. More than once in middle school my parents had to be called in because I was reading during classes that were not English (alright, I was reading non-school books during English too). Growing up, when I got in trouble my mother would take away the light bulb to my bedside light. In an act of rebellion I would try to read by the light of my digital clock. Try it sometime, that ish takes dedication. This is probably the reason I am unreasonably attached to my Kindle Fire.

8a755787a45dd255cfbac40fe95ae163I’d like to think I have grown up and learned my lesson at the ripe old age of 26 but since I read until 4AM this morning before coming to my real person job, who is to say that I have actually learned anything.

One of my favorite parts about reading is the instant escape from the real world. Romance novels provide that escape x1000. For all those who aren’t romance readers (you’re totally missing out, yo) no, I do not think all men I date will or should be handsome assholes with a hero complex. It’s an escape! In real life, kindness is the biggest factor I look for in a man. But in my novels? Bring on the alphas baby.

I hope this blog brings you to new novels or entices you to reread books in a new light. Read, love, and escape my friends!

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