Review: Joanna’s Highlander by Maeve Greyson

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

I really dislike leaving negative reviews but this was not a great book for me. I will start with the best parts of this book though.

A positive of this novel was the unique premise. An entire family of Scotsmen coming to modern day North Carolina? I’m in. Totally sold. Time-travel is a tricky sub genre but I was encouraged based on reviews of Ms. Greyson’s previous work.

I was put off right from the beginning. The authors note was disruptive and a little lazy. A preface, prologue, THEN author’s note before you even get to Chapter 1? Nah. You shouldn’t need an author’s note to make any book (even in a series) a standalone. Especially once the book has already started.

The writing and characterization is jerky. Joanna seems to erupt over small and strange comments. Grant abruptly switches between flirty and self-assured to bumbling and pandering. It’s an odd combination.

The author seems more concerned with adding Scottish jargon than keeping consistent character attitudes. I got a little lost in some of the “funny” scenes.

The worst part of the book was the only true connection I could find between Joanna and Grant was sexual and Joanna’s reaction to each sexual situation was extremely annoying and off putting.

I sadly resorted to skimming just to finish this book. I adore time-travel romance but as I’ve said before, they are very difficult to get right and this one absolutely missed the mark.

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