Review: A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev

Am I in love? I think so 😍. Sonali Dev has snared me with her words and I never want this warm, fuzzy feeling to leave my soul! I don’t have a book hangover, I have a book high!

Learning about new cultures and peeking into different family dynamics is one of my favorite parts about reading. Through A Bollywood Affair, I feel like Sonali invited me into India’s rich culture through a beautiful, hilarious, and sometimes crazy love story. Mili is klutzy and caring, Samir is arrogant and lovable with a dash of damage (just how I like my heroes).

During the scene where Mili and Samir are dancing to Pehla Nasha did I pull up the song on YouTube to enhance the experience? YUP. I could practically taste the food and see the beautiful clothes Sonali described. I cannot recommend this book enough. I give it infinite 🌟 stars.

I’ll leave you with this quote: “It doesn’t matter what my life has been like, Samir. What matters is hope. If you don’t believe in a happy ending, what are you living for?”

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