Review: Claiming His Hidden Heir by Carol Marinelli

Let me just put this out there. This book surprised me in a really good way. The book was far more about the maturing of the relationship between billionaire playboy Luka and his straitlaced personal assistant Cecelia than any crazy baby stuff.

Cece and Luka were both flawed people with difficult childhoods and I felt real emotional depth from both of them. I was actually most impressed with Luka’s character. I have very, very little patience for playboys but by the middle of the book I actually rooting for him.

The ending was a little problematic for me. Cecelia blamed herself entirely for keeping the pregnancy from Luka and Luka blamed her too. I won’t spoil anything, but I believe Cecelia had decent reasons for keeping the pregnancy news from Luka. I know both characters changed and grew as people throughout the story but I think the emphasis on Cecilia’s transformation made it seem like Luka didn’t need to change or grow (which he absolutely did).

Another problem was how quickly everything was resolved at the end. I know the author has strict page limit but I feel like the balance of the book was off in some ways. It was very detail heavy at the beginning and the ending felt rushed in comparison.

Overall, I was very happy with my first Harlequin Presents novel! Sometimes you’re just in a secret baby mood, am I right?

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