Review: A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh

I adored this book. It always takes me a few chapters to sink into Mary Balogh’s writing style. She drives the story and her characters through their internal growth and speculation rather than than the dialogue. It’s truly, very refreshing. Don’t be intimidated by pages without dialogue. Things are happening, the book is moving forward, Ms. Balogh just doesn’t rush character development.

Staying within that theme, this story was as unhurried as a long, sweet summer’s day. Kit isn’t your average hero. He’s of medium height and described as well-built but slender. Now, I love a hulking alpha hero any day but by the end of this story I was sold on a hero that didn’t tower over our heroine. They had many cute neck nuzzling moments because they fit together so well.

Lauren is not usually my type of character. She’s reserved and a little cold, which makes her small capitulations to Kit’s outrageous dares even more satisfying. Every time I was about to write her off as too withdrawn to ever fall in love, she would surprise me. I was always impressed.

This is a true slow burn romance about two people who balance each other so well, they melt into each other as opposed to sparking. Kit’s love for Lauren was so tender it warmed my heart.

I know everyone raves about the Bedwyn series but that family was not my favorite part of this novel. They were brash and kind of mean. I am going to read the series but they were not exactly hero/heroine material in this novel (especially Freyja who was a foil to Lauren). I highly recommend this beautiful relationship of convenience story!

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