Review: Pas De Deux by Lynn Turner

I saw this book all over Instagram and that isn’t usually enough to influence me, until read the description. A prima ballerina changing lanes to do an experimental Broadway show with a sexy, enigmatic director? SIGN ME UP. I am such a Broadway junkie. I may or may not be listening to the Book of Mormon soundtrack while I write this review (I definitely am).

Let me just say, this book was passionate, fun, explosive and I had a great time reading it. I look forward to the next novel in a world of Ms. Turner’s creation.

The Pros: Lynn Turner was a new to me author and I was very pleasantly surprised. I was completely blown away by Ms. Turner’s prose. Parts of this story made me feel like I was in a beautiful dream. Other parts were so detailed and visceral that I actually felt like I was dancing with Mina and Zach. Mina was strong and flawed and I wanted to be her by the end of the novel. Zach was such a kind hero. For all his bluster, I appreciated his devotion to and support of Mina no matter what.

The Cons: I actually felt that this book was a little too long. It was well written and Ms. Turner fit a lot in but there were a few subplots that felt superfluous. The beginning of the book starts with a countdown to the Tony’s which wasn’t really explained and wasn’t as big of a plot point as I thought was merited with all the attention that was paid to it. The big performance felt a little anticlimactic and I think it was because the pacing in the novel was off. If the book had stayed a little more focused this would have been a five star read for sure.

Overall, this was an excellent read with in-depth exploration into many cultures (French and Hispanic), and real-life problems (abuse, race-issues). I highly recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful romance with a fun cast of characters.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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