Review: The Gunslinger’s Vow by Amy Sandas

I personally believe there isn’t enough western historical romance being published right now. I miss the days of Johanna Lindsey characters exploring a young American west. Ms. Sandas is filling a huge void with her new series and I could not be happier with the results.

The pros: Ms. Sandas is really good at writing truly heroic heroes. Allow me to explain. Malcom was a single man and a gunslinger at that but at his heart, he was a good man. In my opinion, he went above and beyond for Alexandra. After his initial crustiness, Malcom is unconditional in his support of Alexandra. Alex is bold, fun, and confident. She followed her heart back to Montana and I was with her the whole way.

The cons: Alexandra did have some TSTL moments (too stupid to live) which are off putting. I realize we needed some of those plot points to move the story forward and create a situation Malcom couldn’t grouch his way out of. But honestly, running away without telling her fiance? Getting stranded without any money or clothes? She should have probably been a little more concerned than she was. Luckily, Alexandra more than made up for it in other ways.

Overall, this is everything you want in a western. It was light enough to read easily, but had heart and soul. I wish we had learned more about her friends! I’m excited to read more about their stories heading west.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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