Review: Ain’t She a Peach by Molly Harper

Molly Harper is a new to me author but I absolutely could not resist the bright cover and fun synopsis. Diving into the book, I was super excited because I was instantly in love with Ms. Harper’s writing style. The characters were funny, the town was quaint, the accents were great. I was especially enamored with the quirky, rainbow-haired, Frankie. She shined as a coroner who talks with her dead people and loves her job. When the surly new sheriff and apparent former one night stand of Frankie’s enters the picture, I was all in.

Unfortunately, the book veered off course with me from there. I was disappointed that Frankie’s relationship with Eric seemed like more of an afterthought in the story arc. Not by choice, I was more invested in Frankie’s relationships/dynamics with everyone else in her family and town than I was with her romantic relationship with Eric.

Frankie was a multidimensional character with flaws, a weird dynamic with her parents, and lots of baggage. I am glad she worked through many of them through the course of the novel and grew personally. I wish there had more of a happily ever after with Eric than a happy for now. I am sure we will get more of her story in the next book because we got lots of information about her cousin Margot, the heroine of the first novel.

I am now fully invested in the town and the characters so I will probably read the rest of the series. The dialogue was witty and I laughed at the antics and banter many times. I wish there had been much more romance and a more focused story line.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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