Review: Ocean Light by Nalini Singh

Fans of the Psy/Changeling Series have been waiting for the isolated water changeling clan BlackSea to give up their secrets for YEARS. Finally, finally Ms. Singh gives us what we want in Ocean Light. Of course, BlackSea doesn’t just reveal all its secrets, you learn more and more throughout the book and every new detail is delightful and well-researched.

Bowen Knight, head of the Human Alliance was not a hero I was particularly enamored with. I was mildly intrigued to read his story, but I was more excited to find out about BlackSea. Of course, Ms. Singh changes my mind almost immediately. I fell in love with the gruff but deeply caring Bowen and his devotion to the maternal water changeling Kaia. Kaia is fierce but damaged and watching Bowen hold on to her with both hands was the highlight of the story. He changes and grows as a person to be worthy of his generous and loving mate. She, in turn, faces her deepest fears for her alpha lover.

Throughout the story, we learn more about the Human Alliance and meet many new characters I am hoping will have an impact further in the series arc. The balance between fun everyday life activities, high octane adventure, and sweet yet sexy romance was absolutely perfect. Every time I open a new Nalini Singh book I know to expect breathtaking world building and a delightful story that leaves me on the edge of my seat. Ms. Singh never fails to surprise and delight me. Now, as always, I wait with bated breath for the next couple to be revealed.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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