Review: Hard Sell by Lauren Layne

I don’t know how Lauren Layne does it, she writes about pretty, rich, successful people and makes them not only human but extremely relatable. Hard Sell seems like your classic long-time enemies to lovers novel. Sabrina is a New York City fixer who seems to live off her connections and street smarts. Matt is a math genius turned Wall Street broker who is in a tight spot after a bachelor party forces him into the spotlight, in a negative way.

Matt and Sabrina were explosive together, and their clashes were fascinating. There didn’t seem ever to be real malice between them. Most of the time it felt like longtime friends bickering over old hurts. I enjoyed the small twist on the typical enemies to lovers tale. They were more frenemies than enemies which made sense because they shared a friend group. The best part about their bickering was the respect they both had for each other. The arguments were fun for a reader instead of stressful.

Side note: Sabrina might be my favorite Lauren Layne character to date! She is bossy, bold, and confident. I love how self-assured and fearless she was, even in the face of her own feelings.

At some points, I did feel like I had read this book before. If not this book, then these characters. The suave, yet charming playboy falls for the feisty and smart knockout are signature Layne characters. Luckily, I love both of those things. Ms. Layne gives me all the trope-y goodness I want with all the warm and fun characters I expect. Bonus points: her playboys don’t make me want to punch them in their face with their arrogance.

I am waiting with breath that is bated for Kennedy’s book!

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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Hard Sell releases September 4!


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