Review: Down & Dirty by Rhenna Morgan

3.5 Stars

In the age of A Star is Born and DAISY JONES & THE SIX, I was excited to jump into a book about an up and coming female rockstar. Down & Dirty was a fun rockstar romance that kept me invested from page one.

This was my first book by Rhenna Morgan and I kind of feel like I jumped in the deep end with this series. I could tell this was a much anticipated series end and there were a lot of characters. Ms. Morgan did a good job of making sure the reader was never completely over whelmed with the cast though. I also appreciated the Lizzy and Axel were absolutely the center of the story and, for the most part, the secondary characters didn’t take over.

What worked: Lizzy was awesome. She had made mistakes in her youth but she really worked to get where she was. I loved her self-awareness and willingness to stand up for herself. Her ability to overcome her fears and take a chance with Axel was lovely to read. I really rooted for her the whole book. I also want to be her best friend.

What didn’t work: I thought Axel was a little pushy for my tastes occasionally, especially right at the beginning. I love a good alpha as much as the next romance reader, but he was edging the line of too much for me sometimes. I get that there was instalove on his side, but it was unreasonable for him to expect Lizzy to fall in love with him right away. Plus it rubbed me the wrong way that when Lizzy asked for them to not have a personal relationship while they’re having a professional relationship, Axel basically blows this off. Plus some of his early “sexy” lines either came off as completely creepy or I actually laughed when he said them. Luckily, he DOES get better as the story

Overall, this was a good rockstar romance with some fun steamy scenes to keep things interesting. I would like to go back and read more of the books in the series because while Axel wasn’t my favorite, I really enjoyed Ms. Morgan’s writing style.

Side Note: That cover. WHY does the cover model have a mullet? Just, no. I can’t deal with the cover at all.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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