Review: Risk It All by Katie Ruggle

4.5 Stars

Is there anything better than a bubbly and adorable heroine paired with a dangerous and brooding monosyllabic hero? I’ll answer that question, NOPE. One of my all-time favorite pairings written to perfection by one of my top romantic suspense authors in RISK IT ALL. The book follows reluctant bounty hunter, Cara, and her mark/accused murderer, Henry. A bounty hunter and the jump she is pursuing? Yes, please.

One of my favorite parts of Ms. Ruggle’s writing is that she balances the fine line between dramatic and cheesy, witty and annoying, without ever stepping over. The adventure is perfectly paced and exciting. The romance unfolds in a beautifully organic way that will have you ACHING for a first kiss.

Cara and Henry balanced each other well, especially in a crisis. I could feel their connection in the crazy moments, like a car chase, and the small moments, when Henry gives Cara one of his signature, sexy half-smiles. There was just enough banter to keep the overall tone of the story light, even when the situation our main characters are in is dire.

I adore the fact that this series is about a group of bounty hunting sisters determined to save themselves. The bond between the sisters is fun and often laugh out loud funny. I look forward to each sister getting a book.

The only part that confused me a bit was how all the people chasing them were related. I know both Cara and Henry were tied to Abbot, but it all became a little murky because Henry was keeping so many secrets. Luckily, it all resolved at the end.

Overall, there is a reason that Ms. Ruggle is one of my favorite authors and, it’s apparent in every part of this book. A fun, fast-paced, and sweet romantic suspense novel that will appeal to a broad audience.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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