Pivot by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy, and Rebecca Zanetti

2.5 Stars

Three titans of romantic suspense pairing up to create an anthology of all new novellas? I was over the moon excited for this book! Sadly, this anthology fell flat for me. I think the hardest part was KNOWING all three of these ladies can write a better story. All three of these novellas are connected in small ways, so they’re better read in order. Also, the title of the story kept making me think of “Friends”.

Against the Heart by Kat Martin – 2.5 Stars

You have to set aside realism to enjoy this book. The heroine has her major ditzy moments and basically decides to trust the hero with her safety and the safety of her young daughter because he’s hot. I also didn’t feel like the hero knew anything real about the heroine even by the end of the book. He did know she had a rockin’ bod though, which he thought about basically the entire novella. Overall the hero was sweet to the heroine and I did like the secondary couple’s story.

Shaken by Rebecca Zanetti – Three Stars

Rebecca is by far my favorite author of the three, so maybe I’m biased but I enjoyed her novellas the most. I think second chance love stories work really well in novella format. The hero was a hunk and a half. Yes, please, more hopelessly devoted heroes. The heroine on the other hand, made me want to pull my hair out. Her continual lack of trust in the hero and her faith in her drug addict mother made it hard to root for her. The action was on point in this novella though and so were the sexy times.

Echoes of the Past by Alexandra Ivy – 1.5 Stars

You can’t have a novella where the hero left the heroine because he’s hung up on an old girlfriend who is now his sister-in-law (ick), and not have ANY groveling. Come on. I didn’t connect to either the hero or the heroine and the little boy the heroine rescued was only in the story for, like, four pages. The novella was boring and rushed and I struggled to finish it.

**I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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