Review: Guardian’s Grace by Rebecca Zanetti

Five Stars

Rebecca Zanetti is one of those authors that hits it out of the part every single time. I shouldn’t even be surprised at this point. GUARDIAN’S GRACE is Ms. Zanetti at her very best. Lovers of the series have been watching our hero and heroine simmer as secondary characters in previous books, and we finally get to see their chemistry boil over in the latest Dark Protectors book.

Our hero (HELLO sexy Scottish vampire), Adare, and human heroine, Grace, have been in an arranged mating for five years to save her life after a mysterious illness (my catnip plot!). Adare thinks he’s on a mission that will lead to his death, and Grace doesn’t want to give up her independence. They were okay living like that for five years… until the Adare finds out Grace is taking reckless chances with her safety.

This book delivers all the spice and action I have come to expect with a Zanetti novel, and effortlessly continues the overarching series plot. The series is like a snowball that keeps building and growing. Adare surprised me. I was expecting a Zanetti alpha hero – and he did deliver on that point – but he was also thoughtful and took the time to understand Grace’s concerns and point of view. I really believed in them as a couple by the end of the book. I am impressed that the non-stop action didn’t overshadow the romance one iota.

Overall, Zanetti is a comfort read for me. Every time I open one of her books, I know I can count on fully fleshed out characters, a fun plot, plenty of banter, and a hefty helping of steam. Can this series continue on forever?? I need Benny’s book immediately; that teaser killed me!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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One thought on “Review: Guardian’s Grace by Rebecca Zanetti

  1. My Week Is Booked says:

    Omg this one has my name on it! But looks like I should really start at the beginning of the series! I haven’t read a paranormal before!!


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