Review: Flight by Laura Griffin

Four Stars

This was only the second book by Laura Griffin I’ve picked up, but dang, I am hooked! She has this incredible ability to paint a picture in my brain. While reading FLIGHT, I actually felt like I was watching a movie at points. The beach setting in her latest book is so atmospheric.

FLIGHT is a romantic suspense novel following a CSI heroine on an extended beach vacation, and a police detective hero chasing the a murderer on the biggest case of his career. Their lives entangle when the heroine stumbles upon a crime scene.

The murder-mystery was fast-paced and compelling. I’m terrible at guessing whodunnit, so I was biting my nails and analyzing clues until the very end. The romance was perfectly balanced. The heroine is a classic over-thinker (I can totally relate) and watching the hero continually work through each wall she throws up with kindness, patience, and sexiness was fabulous.

In addition to the romance and mystery, you can tell this book was meticulously researched! I’m not saying I’m a bird expert after reading this book, but I’m also not, not saying I could identify a scarlet macaw by its tail feather alone.

I did want just a little more emotional heft between the hero and heroine. There were times I felt that the tight timetable the book is set around didn’t allow for as much romantic depth as I prefer in my romance novels. But I still genuinely believed in the main characters as a couple by the end of the book, so I didn’t mind too much!

This is the second book in Griffin’s latest series, but it stands completely alone. You won’t have any trouble diving in! Overall, it’s a fun ride from beginning to end!

**I received a free copy of this book in order to provide an honest review**

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