Review: Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren

Four Stars

If you’re looking for a fun, sexy, and emotional contemporary romance with disability rep, Roni Loren has written the perfect book for you! YES & I LOVE YOU follows Holly, an anonymous entertainment reviewer with Tourette syndrome. Her tics and an overprotective parent kept her relatively isolated growing up, but now in her mid-twenties, she’s trying to take her life back. The first step? Joining a group work space where she meets Jasper, a cute comedian and aspiring actor.

Not gonna lie, this book took me by surprise. It took a while for the characters to grow on me, but only because their development was so well paced! You could tell Loren has done a lot of research to make both Hollyn and Jasper well-rounded, three dimensional characters. And the sex scenes? Wow. A+ they were fun, realistic, and yet incendiary!

Listen to me when I tell you that Jasper is going to be your new book boyfriend, he just is! At one point he gives Hollyn a speech about what she deserves in a boyfriend and a lover and honesty I could cry right now just thinking about it!

The plot took a lot of turns I wasn’t expecting, in a great way! Hollyn and Jasper balance each other out so well. Additionally there is a rich cast of secondary characters and I hope all of them get their own books! 🤩 I’m already counting down the days to WHAT IF YOU LOVE ME (the next book in the series!)

I did take off a star for the slow start and there was a little too much other love interest drama for me. It almost waded into love triangle territory and was making me sad! I hope the other person gets their own book in this series as well!

Overall, I can’t believe I went this long without reading a Roni Loren contemporary romance! I am glad I finally rectified the situation. Consider me a fan!

**I received a free copy of this audiobook in order to provide an honest review**

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